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Employee Assistance Program

Activ8 Mind provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), critical incident stress management services, workplace training, outplacement, employee satisfaction surveys and psychological assessment (profiling) services.

Our aim is to assist our client organisation to improve and maintain the health, wellbeing and adaptability of their workforce.

So what is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential counselling that is short-term, proactive, solution-focused, and preventative in order to bolster the emotional, mental, and overall psychological health of employees (and where agreed with the employer, and immediate family of the employees). An EAP assists in the resolution of both work-related and personal challenges that could potentially impact performance and well-being.

These challenges encompass a wide range of issues such as relationships, health concerns, trauma, substance abuse, gambling, financial struggles, feelings of depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric conditions, communication difficulties, legal matters and adjusting to change and life’s curve balls. The presenting issue could be anything you need a private outlet and opportunity to talk through. As access is easy and quick, (no GP referral required) you can get started with resolving issues faster.


Our team comprises psychologists, mental health social workers and behaviour specialists each of whom, whilst adopting evidence based strategies, bring their unique educational and diverse backgrounds to the service. Each practitioner is required to complete continuous professional development to maintain their professional registration and as an organisation, Activ8 Mind further support ongoing growth through the provision of specialised training on suicide prevention, trauma, addiction and family violence.

Our EAP sessions are Convenient, Accessed Quickly , Confidential and Flexible

Here to Help

Consider using your workplaces EAP to access quick, convenient, confidential support for

· General feelings of depression and anxiety

· Relationship and marital conflict

· Emotional stress

· Family counselling (includes scope for key family members to participate)

· parenting difficulties

· Supporting children through difficult times (eg separation, changing schools, yr 12 exams)

· Grief and loss

· Adjusting to change (eg family members with new jobs or job loss, separation, moving house, impact of sudden injury/ disability )

· Addiction (e.g. gambling, gaming, social media)

· Alcohol and substance abuse

· Workplace stress and conflict

· Improving mindset, performance and wellbeing

· Goal setting ~ great for the new year!


Our EAP services are available Monday – Friday 8am - 7pm.

Some evening appointments are also available for your convenience.

Services are provided in person in clinic, and via telehealth.



For organisations, Activ8 Mind can tailor a unique employee assistance program package to suit your organisation’s needs. This may include a range of value add services to be included under your EAP umbrella, such as


· Take a Bite learning sessions and workshops

· Career transition and outplacement

· Exit interview completion

· Employee Satisfaction survey

· Psychological testing and profiling of staff to support recruitment, performance enhancement and workforce planning

· Manager hotline


Reach out today to receive our comprehensive service outline and quote.

Employee Assistance Program FAQ

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