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Activ8 Mind Psychologists and Counsellors are able to work with NDIS participants aged 7 and older and can provide support for individuals living with psychosocial, neurological, sensory, cognitive and/or intellectual disability.

Our practitioners use effective evidence-based strategies to support you to achieve your goals and are experienced in the use of various therapeutic methods including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Behaviour Activation.

We can service NDIS participants from any of our offices located at Parkside, Parafield OR in home and in schools (select areas). CURRENTLY ONLY SERVICING ADELAIDE


Psychological Therapy – Our psychologists provide therapeutic intervention to assist with mental health, behavioural and emotional conditions. Psychological therapy will assist you to achieve your goals through development of strategies to manage your mental health condition or disability and learning new skills that will help you to maintain good mental health. 

Counselling – Our counsellors provide therapeutic intervention to assist you to achieve your goals which may include managing symptoms of your mental health condition or disability, learning healthy coping strategies, improving self-esteem and confidence, improving social skills and coping with grief or loss.

Psychosocial Functional Assessment – Our psychologists can provide a comprehensive assessment of your mental health, functional and social engagement. This assessment provides valuable information in guiding your goals, support services, and can be used to support review of NDIS funding if required (see below for more information)

Psychology Services for Schools – Does your child need therapy? We have our dedicated NDIS Psychologist that works with school children of all ages and from all areas, Click Here for his bio. Contact us today for more information 

What are the costs?
  • Sessions with registered psychologists are charged at the NDIS standard rate of $234.83 p/h (SA) 

  • Sessions with provisional psychologists are charged below the NDIS standard rate at $210 p/h

  • Sessions with counsellors are charged at the NDIS standard rate of $156.16 p/h

  • Sessions with an accredited mental health social worker are charged at the NDIS standard rate of $193.99 p/h


A Psychosocial Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) is a specialised form of FCA that offers detailed insights into an individual's capability to carry out tasks pertinent to their daily life. The psychosocial aspect concentrates on the individual's psychological and social skills, particularly in the realms of communication and socialisation. Despite its seemingly intricate terminology, a Psychosocial FCA serves to convey an extensive range of information in a straightforward manner.

For instance, the report generated might include evidence supporting recommendations for the NDIA or information pertinent to other allied health professionals.

Psychosocial FCAs can offer recommendations aimed at enhancing an individual's overall well-being. These are customised to the individual, striving to empower them and improve their engagement in daily activities. They also serve as a baseline for professionals to implement interventions, reflecting the latest data on an individual’s functional capacity, especially after significant time lapses or life events that could alter their abilities.

Psychosocial FCAs play a crucial role in assisting individuals to make informed choices about their desired support to achieve their goals.

In summary, a Psychosocial FCA is a vital instrument for allied health professionals to deliver informed assistance to individuals and can be beneficial when applying for NDIS reviews. Such FCAs are instrumental in aiding individuals to enhance their life quality and achieve a higher level of functionality.

Considering a Psychosocial FCA for yourself, a loved one, or a participant?

Here are the steps to engage in Activ8 Mind's Psychosocial FCA process:

1. Discuss with your Support Coordinator or another appointed individual managing your NDIS plan about submitting a referral to us. It's crucial to articulate your reasons for seeking a Psychosocial FCA at this stage, such as your goals and the assessment's purpose for you.

2. Initiate the referral process by contacting 8929 5300 or (SA ONLY). Our administrative team will guide you through the preliminary steps.

3. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our practitioners, who may be a psychologist, provisional psychologist, social worker, or occupational therapist.

4. Attend the initial consultation, a session lasting between 60 to 90 minutes. During this time, our practitioners will outline the process expectations and collect pertinent information from you.

5. During the assessment phase, our practitioners will interact with other significant individuals in your life to compile observational and evaluative data.

6. For the report, our practitioners will draft and furnish a psychosocial FCA report to the relevant parties, such as a Support Coordinator. If desired, you can request a feedback session to review the report prior to its completion.

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