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Medicare Psychology 

At Activ8 Mind we understand the importance of mental well-being and we are here to support you towards your well being journey. As you join Activ8 on the path of seeking support, it's essential to be informed about mental health treatment plans and Medicare rebates when consulting with a psychologist.


What is a Mental Health Care Plan?

A Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHCP) is a personalised assessment designed to address your personal mental health needs. Developed in collaboration with your general practitioner (GP), paediatrician or psychiatrist, this plan outlines the goals of your treatment and potential strategies to achieve them. It provides a framework for your sessions with our experienced psychologists, ensuring that focused and effective approaches are utilised to optimise your well-being.

How Does the Process Work?

Visit Your GP: Start by scheduling an appointment with your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist. During the consultation, openly discuss your mental health concerns with your treating professional. If your doctor considers it necessary, they may recommend a Mental Health Care Plan.

Referral: If a Mental Health Care Plan is recommended, your doctor will provide you with a referral to a psychologist. This referral allows you to access Medicare rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Book an Appointment: Contact Activ8 Mind to schedule your initial appointment. Share your referral and Medicare details with our team during the booking process.

Before your appointment: You will be sent
confirmation of your appointment as well as 

information on what to expect from the service,

details about your allocated Psychologist / Mental Health Social Worker and a 

questionnaire and consent form to complete and return

Your appointment: You will be sent confirmation of your appointment 

Please arrive 10 mins prior to your initial appointment to allow time to complete any additional forms

Please ensure you have a debit / credit card to complete payment for the session (refer to fees below) as FULL payment is  taken on the day with rebates processed at that time. We are a CASHLESS office.

Medicare Rebates - Maximising Affordability

We understand that accessing mental health care should be affordable and accessible. With a valid Mental Health Care Plan and Medicare card, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates which help reduce the financial burden that seeking professional psychological support can pose.

Medicare provides rebates for a range of specified psychological services under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

Rebate Amount: Medicare provides rebates for up to 10 individual as well as 10 group therapy sessions per calendar year (1 January – 31 December 2023).

What are the costs?
  • The rebate amount varies depending on the type of mental health professional you see.

  • Sessions with a registered psychologists are charged at $220 per 50 min session. 

  • Payment of the FULL FEE is required at the time of the appointment.

  • The Medicare rebate for a Registered Psychologist is $93.35 (for 50 min appointment) , leaving an out of pocket expense of $126.65


  • Sessions with a mental health social worker are charged at $195 per 50 min session. 

  • Payment of the FULL FEE is required at the time of the appointment.

  • The Medicare rebate for Mental Health Social Work  is $82.30 (for 50 min appointment)  if you see an Accredited MHSW leaving an out of pocket expense of $112.70

Easy Claims Process: Our practice supports the electronic lodgement of Medicare claims. After each session, we can process your rebate on the spot, making the financial aspect of your journey seamless.


Affordable Care: With Medicare rebates, your gap expenses for sessions at Activ8 are significantly reduced, making high-quality mental health care more accessible.


Commence Therapy: Begin your therapeutic journey with one of our skilled psychologists. Together, you'll work towards achieving the goals outlined in your Mental Health Treatment Plan.


At Activ8 Mind we are committed to providing a safe, supportive and affordable environment for your mental health journey. If you have any questions about Mental Health Treatment Plans, Medicare rebates, or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your well-being is our priority.

Take the first step towards a healthier mind today.

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