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Activ8 Mind's Mental Health Essentials Program provides the pathway to Workplace Wellbeing

Given almost half the total population (45.5%) will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime it is worthwhile for businesses to be proactive in their awareness and management of these conditions.

Positive wellbeing at work enhances resilience, productivity and success  whilst  reducing  absenteeism, disengagement, compensation claims and staff turnover.


Most workplaces will have stress, change and interpersonal conflict at some point. Understanding how best to identify when these factors are affecting individuals and how to minimise the impact only serves to strengthen the organisation, the team and an individuals mental health and resilience.


Business Meeting
Working Together on Project


  • Activ8 Mind can incorporate issues and learnings more relevant to your organisation or specific team

  • Incorporate common stress triggers

  • Include reference to common trauma and crisis situations and work with the organisation to develop protocol action plans



  • Effective mental health awareness and literacy

  • Understanding common mental health conditions and concerns: depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, trauma, change & anger

  • Identifying signs and symptoms and how to provide assistance

  • Understanding the health risks of mental health conditions

  • Managing difficult interpersonal relationships and behaviours

  • Resilience - you can cope!

  • Improved stress management

  • Encouraging small changes

  • Quick reference guide information


  • Organisational Assessment - discover the state of mental health in your workplace, develop policies and procedures to embed this into workplace culture

  • Manager Training - employ those in charge to make the right changes

  • Employee Assistance Program - in partnership with D’Accord  we can provide a 24 x 7 EAP and critical incident repose program

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

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