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A vocational assessment is used to analyse an individual’s actual and potential ability, cognitive skills, aptitudes and competencies and relate these to jobs available within an organisation. Vocational Assessments can be an effective decision making tool when prepared and used accurately to consider new employment options.

A Vocational Assessment can be a suitable tool to:

  • Explore new or other suitable employment options when the worker has not been able to achieve a return to work within 6 months of injury

  • Validate current employment

  • Make an offer for new employment so as to fulfill legislative requirements


  • Tailored to recognize key functional, cognitive and psychosocial variables as featured in corresponding job analysis or position descriptions

  • Evidence based assessment to identify suitability in order to inform redeployment or job match

  • Objective reporting that correlates the workers current abilities and skills (based on the work they have been doing and have done in the past) and considers their overall aptitude to learn new skills, train and adapt to change.

  • Supporting information and detailed results presented in an appendix to enable ease of use

  • Provides guidance on how an employee can be supported to move into an alternative role within the organisation, ie: through training/learning and behavior change considerations

  • Medical practitioners can then use the report to assess suitability for alternative employment

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