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Physical Job Analysis

A Job/Task analysis is a process to identify and analyse the full scope of tasks within a job and includes consideration of physical, environmental, cognitive and manual handling demands and also postural risk factors. This analysis is critical in establishing a safe return to work program, minimising hazards, modifying tasks and task procedures, and installing aids or equipment to facilitate sustainable return to work for injured workers.


Psychological Job Profiling

Activ8 Mind understand that when 95% of psychological claims are due to work related mental stress, it is critical that the job and work environment is analysed and broken down as it would be for a physical injury. Psychological job profiling will accurately identify work and job related triggers for the psychological condition and enable evidence based recommendations for work/role adjustments.


Activ8 Mind’s approach to job profiling includes review of the 10 critical cognitive and psychological factors impacting on mental health and reference to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles for demand levels specific to the role and assessed in respect of the common treatment, symptom and recovery trajectory for the condition.


Our approach has been refined over a number of years to ensure clients receive a leading approach to managing psychological injuries and organisations benefit via developing internal capabilities in understanding psycho-cognitive risks within their business.

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