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Activities of  Daily Living Assessment

“Empowering control and reducing reliance

Activities of Daily Living assessments are a life management tool designed to identify difficulties in undertaking daily living tasks such as cleaning, cooking, gardening and personal care.

ADL assessments provide the benefit of:

  • maximising an individuals ability to be independent

  • minimising injury/aggravation in the home,

  • assisting to reduce periods of incapacity and disability

  • reducing the reliance on other more costly home help services

Our Occupational Therapist will meet with the individual at their home at an agreed time in order to review their usual living responsibilities. Where able, individuals may be asked to demonstrate how they undertake difficult tasks.

This will allow the therapist to identify whether there is scope for improvement and enhanced performance by modifying the way the task is executed or if special equipment is required. Education on handling techniques will be provided to the individual during the assessment.

ADL’s are an excellent tool enabling unique development of return to work and other therapeutic plans.

What’s Provided

  • Comprehensive report to facilitate independence which summarises difficulties with tasks at home or in the community.

  • Recommendations of equipment/tools including cost and where to source.

  • Assistance with purchasing and introduction of equipment into the home.

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