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Activ8 Mind’s 8 module career development program enables development of successful job seeking strategies and behaviours, providing the skills and confidence for independent job seeking  and re-engagement with the workforce. When clients OWN the goal and are more ACTIVE in the process, success is inevitable

  • Clients work individually with experienced and qualified consultants

  • SMART goal setting  & behaviourist counselling strategies to create new habits and overcome experiential avoidance

  • Provision of career mapping and planning workbook

  • Structured competency based program – all stages have assessment components to evidence learning

  • Success supported by our database of over 600 employers to facilitate links to the paid workforce and work hardening opportunities

  • Ongoing reverse marketing and cold canvassing undertaken by the consultant

  • Periodical summary updates & final report to evidence completion of learning provided to the referrer.

  • Includes aspects such as interest & occupational testing, career mapping, development of job seeking documents, canvassing, job interviews 

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