Activ8 Work Solutions can add expertise to your existing safety staff and assist in implementing an effective and integrated safety environment for your organisation.

We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from engaging a tertiary qualified, experienced WHS consultant.

Do you comply with the SA Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws?

On the 1st of January the harmonisation of Australia’s occupational health, safety and welfare system took a significant step forward with South Australia approving the national model Workplace Health and Safety Act, Regulations and priority Codes of Practice.

South Australia’s adaption of the new laws may have you asking what’s new and how will the changes affect me or my business?

Activ8 Mind can assist you in implementing an effective and integrated safety environment for your organisation.

Contact us today for your obligation free quote and look towards establishing tailored solutions that meet your safety management system needs by tertiary qualified consultants.

FREE Work Health and Safety (WHS) Review

Would you like a free WHS Review for your organisation?  Activ8 Mind are currently offering this service to look at your organisational unique activities against compliance to the WHS Act (SA) 2012 and the WHS Regulations (SA) 2012.

The review includes a 30-40 min on site meeting identifying:

  • your organisational profile including - WHS duty holders, unique considerations, workplace plant and equipment, workplace environment, industry risks, high risk work licencing, plant registration etc.

  • WHS Management System – WHS policy, resources, activities, legal compliance, risk management, staff induction and training, injury management, policies & procedures, emergency plan, evacuation diagrams, consultation.

At the competition of the meeting a full report will be emailed detailing any gaps in compliance and any suggested recommendations to improve your safety management system. If you would like to take up this offer, please call Activ8 Mind on 8292 5300.

WHS Services

WHS Consulting

The Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) is an integrated component of the whole “Management System”.

It includes planning work activities, responsibilities, work practices, procedures, processes for developing, implementing, reviewing and maintaining the work health and safety policy and managing work health and safety risks associated with the business of the organization.

Benefits of a Work Health and Safety Management System

The purpose is to systematically eliminate the possibility of accident, illness, injury or fatality in the workplace by ensuring that hazards in the workplace are eliminated or controlled in a systematic manner.  The work health and safety management system can achieve the following:


The work health and safety management system can benefit your organisation by:

  • creating a safer work environment

  • reducing injuries and injury-related costs by pre-empting injuries, save money on medical expenses, injured workers wages, insurance claim excesses, replacement labour and increased workers’ compensation insurance premiums

  • minimised work stoppages due to safety disputes

  • improving business opportunities – clients favour services from companies with a work health and safety management system in place

  • providing measurable systems that can verify work health and safety performance

  • demonstrating your organisation is meeting legal requirements

  • improved work methods and worker morale thus leading to improved productivity

  • a continuous improvement process and

  • enhancing your organisation's reputation


AUDITS INSPECTIONS & REVIEWS enable officers to meet their due diligence requirements under the new Work Health and Safety Act (2012).

Audits, Inspections and Reviews are useful methods to monitor and evaluate your health and safety systems to ensure safety standards and the legal compliance of your business.

The Work Health and Safety Act and WHS Regulations impose specific obligations on business business to :

  • provide a safe place of work

  • provide safe systems of work, and

  • consult with workers about safety.

  • The capacity to carry out these critical duties requires business to undertake audits, inspections and management reviews.

  • The following audits, inspections and reviews provide your organization the opportunity to improve the Work Health and Safety Management System through the  identification of conforming and non conforming elements.


  • Safety of Plant and Equipment Audits

  • Hazardous Substances Audit

  • Work Health and Safety Management System


  • Daily Inspection Checklist e.g Forklift Inspection

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist

  • Work From Home Checklist

  • Manual Handling Checklist


  • Safe Operating Procedures

  • Policy

  • Manual Handling Procedures

  • Consultation Arrangements

  • Ergonomic Workstation

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Ergonomic Risks

  • Licensing

  • First Aid in the Workplace

Emergency Planning

Activ8 Work Solutions offer an Emergency Planning Package that incorporates the following services at a discounted rate:

First Aid Compliance and Provisions / Evacuation Diagrams / Emergency Plan.

Emergency management is comprehensive in identifying all hazards and the vulnerabilities that contribute to the risk.

Emergency preparedness aims to addresses the following:

  • Identify potential emergencies

  • Identify options for initial response

  • Planning initial response procedures

  • Implementing initial response procedures

  • Contributing to post event activities and

  • Monitoring emergency response and deficiencies.


Activ8 Work Solutions can assist your organisations prepare and comply with the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2012) and Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities in reviewing and implementing:

  • an emergency plan

  • appropriate first aid provisions

  • evacuation diagrams and

  • emergency response quick reference guide (flip chart).



Evacuation Diagrams for all workplace facilities are compulsory under Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities.


Section 3.5 requires the provision of evacuation diagrams to be displayed in all facilities, updated each time changes are made to the floor plan and are only valid for a five year period.

A qualified consultant will visit your workplace to assess and determine assembly points, egress paths, fire fighting equipment, diagram location and orientation. All diagrams produced are compliant and display regulatory requirements incorporating:

  • AS 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities and

  • AS 2444 Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets – selection and location


Our finished diagrams will include your corporate branding, logo and a variety of framing options to suit your needs. 


Our diagrams are structured to be easily amended at any time following an organisational change or alterations to safety or emergency features


We  offer an Emergency Planning Package that incorporates the following services at a discounted rate:

First Aid Compliance and Provisions / Evacuation Diagrams / Emergency Plan / Emergency Response - quick reference flip chart