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Winter Is Coming!

Winter is coming, and with winter comes the winter blues. At Activ8 Mind, we understand the feeling of wanting to stay inside wrapped up in bed watching movies or shows (like the latest season of Game of Thrones) and drinking hot chocolate or red wine. Many people in the fitness industry refer to winter as being the optimal season to get your body in shape and ready for the upcoming summer. Let’s take that idea and, rather than getting our bodies fit and ‘summer ready’, let’s get focused on making ourselves ‘work ready’.

Winter is not a time to kick-back, relax and forget about your goals. It’s a time where your motivation needs a bit of a boost to continue working hard towards achieving those goals. What is it that helps you stay on track during winter? What keeps you enthusiastic and motivated? It’s time to think of what it is that keeps us going when we really just want to lay on the couch. Find those cues, write them down, make them into a song or a limerick, and contact Activ8 Mind to help you to continue working hard towards your long-term goal achievement!

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