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TODAY, Not Tomorrow

At Activ8 Mind, we understand it can be difficult to form healthy habits and work towards achieving long-term goals. It is much easier to be resistant to this and stick to what is comfortable and familiar to us. It can be very difficult to learn to overcome that resistance when you have been in the face of hardship. You might have sustained an injury in the workplace, or lost your job, and as a result you start to spiral into a myriad of emotions.

You might feel a sense of loss. Loss of who you were when you were healthy and working full time. You may have lost confidence in yourself to get back to your pre-injury state. It could be that common daily activities and things that used to come naturally now exhaust you, and you feel too tired or afraid of failure so you put your goals on the back burner and tell yourself that one day you’ll make a start. I’ll do it tomorrow, not today.

If any of these thoughts or feelings relate to you, it’s time to ReSET your thinking. Contact Activ8 Mind to hear more about our ReSET Behavioural Activation Program, where we work with you to overcome your resistance to change and give you the tools and skills you need to kick-start working towards your employment goals TODAY, not tomorrow.

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