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Easter is here! It's time for a break.

Easter is here, and for many it is a time to reflect. To reflect on the things you are grateful for. On your personal and professional growth. To reflect on the changes in your life, and on the sacrifices you may have had to make as a result of these changes. Easter is also a time for renewal. To let go of negativity and embrace a fresh and new tomorrow.

When we think of what these reflections mean in relation to workplace rehabilitation, we think of going back to the beginning and looking at the goals we have set and the reasons we have set them. Have I actively worked towards achieving positive and healthy change? Have I tried to create healthy new habits and improve myself? Have I reached barriers or roadblocks which have pushed me back and stopped me from achieving my goals?

If you haven’t started progressing towards the positive, healthy change you set out to make at the start of this year, then use this long weekend as a time to reflect on the things you want to achieve. Resurrect your goals, let your motivation rise, and get ready to start working towards achieving positive change.

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