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New Year, New Goals

We are now well into 2019 and many people have stopped working on their New Year’s resolutions. Some people might have had a small hiccup and given up. Some might have set resolutions that were too large or too vague and have been lost in the process of starting a new calendar year.

According to America’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins, most New Year’s resolutions fail by February because we set resolutions in the hope of finding a short-term new experience, rather than achieving real long-term change.

He suggests that GOALS are the key to long-term growth and success, but only when they are set with the intention of being committed and motivated to achieve them. There is no time like the present to set a new, reachable goal and start making healthy and positive choices towards achieving it.

At Activ8 Mind, we are dedicated to helping individuals set and achieve their goals towards employment, health, happiness and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we provide to help injured workers commit to their goals and maintain motivation towards achieving positive, long-term change.

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