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Its amazing when you stop and think about it…just how driven we are by fear, or rather driven to avoid it.

So much of what we actively choose and our habits are based on fear.

They say fear is like a muscle. The only way to really overcome fear is practice and practice doesn’t come from shying away. The irony is that fear can sometimes be so great and also often unfounded, unreasonable and illogical that you cant even get to that practice point.

If a giant leap isn’t possible- start small.

  • First identify what it is that is stopping you- define the fear. You might not be able to determine why you have that fear or where it came from ~ does it really matter if you cant change the past, but you can work to define what it is.

  • Take a careful look at how you think about things. Ask yourself some discerning questions such as “is this actually real” or “is this something I think is real” , which can provide valuable context for moving forward.

  • Choose a low risk activity that allows you to warm to the bigger stuff~ this will enable you to build your confidence and create certainty in the results of your behaviour, hopefully teaching you that you can do it and you can push through the fear.

In the end overcoming fear requires action, which do you feed more….your fear? or the courage to take action ?

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