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Activ8 Mind are passionate about supporting you to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Our psychologists and counsellors are able to work with NDIS participants aged 10 and older and can provide support for individuals living with psychosocial, neurological, sensory, cognitive and/or intellectual disability.

Our psychologists and counsellors use effective evidence-based strategies to support you to achieve your goals and are experienced in the use of various therapeutic methods including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Behaviour Activation.

How We Can Help:

Psychological Therapy & Counselling supporting you to achieve your mental health goals including:

  • managing anxiety

  • managing stress and anger 

  • learning healthy coping strategies

  • skills to improve relationship building 

  • mood and behaviour regulation 

  • improving self esteem

  • managing challenging circumstances


Psychological Therapy

Our psychologists provide therapeutic intervention to assist with mental health, behavioural and emotional conditions. Psychological therapy will assist you to achieve your goals through development of strategies to manage your mental health condition or disability and learning new skills that will help you to maintain good mental health.  



Our counsellors provide therapeutic intervention to assist you to achieve your goals which may include managing symptoms of your mental health condition or disability, learning healthy coping strategies, improving self-esteem and confidence, improving social skills and coping with grief or loss.

Psychosocial Functional Assessment

Our psychologists can provide a comprehensive assessment of your mental health, functional and social engagement. This assessment provides valuable information in guiding your goals, support services, and can be used to support review of NDIS funding if required.

What are the costs?
  • Sessions with registered psychologists are charged at the NDIS standard rate of $234.83 p/h

  • Sessions with provisional psychologists are charged below the NDIS standard rate at $180 p/h

  • Sessions with counsellors are charged at the NDIS standard rate of $156.16 p/h

Psych & Counselling FAQ:

What can I expect from an initial appointment with a Psychologist or Counsellor?

At an initial appointment your psychologist or counsellor will assess your needs and work with you to identify therapy goals. They will ask you questions about yourself and may ask you to complete some checklists or questionnaires. The initial appointment will take between 1-2 hours. If you would like to bring a support person with you to your initial appointment, such as your partner, a friend or a paid support, you are welcome to do so.  It is recommended that initial appointments are face to face, either at our offices or in your home.

After your psychologist or counsellor has completed the initial assessment they will provide you with a proposed treatment plan which will outline how many appointments are required to address your goals. Ongoing appointments may be face to face, telehealth or both.

How do I know if my Psychologist or Counsellor is the right fit for me?

It’s important for you to feel comfortable, respected and listened to when you are working with your psychologist or counsellor as you may be discussing uncomfortable topics with them. Our administration team assists you with this process by giving you information on the qualifications, experience and availability of our psychologists and counsellors when you refer. You can also ask to speak to your psychologist or counsellor before commencing services if you have any specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss with them. 

Can I access telehealth Psychology and Counselling services?

Absolutely, our psychologists and counsellors are able to offer video telehealth sessions and phone consults. Please note that initial assessment will be face to face except in exceptional circumstances.

What is the difference between a Provisional and a Registered Psychologist?

A provisional psychologist is a mental health professional that is in the process of completing their full registration. A registered psychologist is the title given to provisional psychologists once they have completed registration. When working with clients’ provisional psychologists provide the same support as a registered psychologist however they are able to contact their supervising psychologist to ensure they are effectively supporting their clients if required. They are also required to do extensive professional development each year which means they are continuously learning about new effective ways to help their clients.

What is the difference between Psychology and Counselling?

The qualifications of the mental health professional are different in psychology and counselling. Psychologists have studied a degree of psychology and counsellors have studied a degree of counselling, psychotherapy or social work. At Activ8 Mind the difference between psychology and counselling depends on the preferences of the client. If you are looking for a therapist with experience in working with a certain diagnosis, or providing a certain kind of therapy approach our administration team can recommend if one of our psychologists or one of our counsellors will be a better fit for you.

How long will each session be?

A standard psychology or counselling session is 1 hour. If you require shorter or longer sessions, please discuss this with our administration team. 

How often will I meet my psychologist or counsellor?

After your initial assessment with your psychologist or counsellor they will develop a proposed treatment plan which will include frequency of sessions. Depending on your goals this may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you would like to see your psychologist or counsellor more or less frequently than they have recommended, please discuss this with them.

How do I make a booking?

If you contact us and leave a message we aim to get back to you either that day or the next business day. If you talk to reception, they can help you with any questions and make an appointment for a time that suits you.

If you would like to talk to a practitioner before deciding who is the best therapist to help you, they are happy to have a phone chat about their therapeutic approach and whether it fits your needs.

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