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Hi, I'm Sam

I am Sam and this is a bit of information for you about me, so you get to know me better if we collaborate. I have completed my studies with a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at La Trobe University and a Master of Teaching (Primary) at RMIT in Melbourne. I initially begun my experience working overseas in South Korea, teaching English as a second language, learning to communicate through a range of means with children and adolescents developing their English language. After studying my Masters, and short time casual teaching, I found myself working in an early intervention school for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I worked with autistic children for 4 years, honing my teaching practice to allow for these children to develop their skills on an individualised learning plan. I found unique ways to teach each student using their interests to help build their communication and independence.

My goal as a Positive Behaviour Support practitioner is to continue building my skills to ensure those I work with are comfortable with me and feel supported. Working together with you and your support network is the most important to me and ensuring the work individualised to your needs. Outside of work, I enjoy reading and watching TV with my 2 cats, spending time with my friends and family, and partaking in reformer Pilates and dance classes for exercise.


65 Unley Rd PARKSIDE 5063

1300 575 329/ 08 8292 5300

Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm

Ian has limited availability 

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Sam's Story

PBS Practitioner

B. Psych

M. Teaching

Sam is a Behaviour Support Practitioner who is ready to develop, learn from their previous experience and follow this through into their practice. They have previously worked in early intervention teaching for children prep – Grade 3, all diagnosed with autism, and often adjoined with ADHD, anxiety, OCD, disorders of intellectual development and trauma backgrounds. They ensured their practice was sensitive to each individual needs and planned accordingly to each child. They ensured to work with each child’s support network to ensure consistency was continuously across the board to create individual learning plans that were achievable but allowed each child to grow. Sam brings their positive attitude and care into their work, ensuring that people that they work with feel safe and supported with them. They take great care in ensuring that each person working with Sam feels heard and understood, using their transferrable skills to provide personalised support for each participant.

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