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Activ8 Mind’s Behavioural Activation adds depth to rehabilitation to ignite real change and outcomes.


WHY ReSET  …….?


Activ8 Mind’s Behavioural Activation program follows and promotes the premise that for most people, our thoughts and more importantly, our feelings, dictate what we do.

There are always things we must do, some of these actions are just part of normal daily routines or are so automatic that moods and thoughts don’t interfere – however when it comes to change and forming new positive behaviours, we are often railroaded by negative self-talk, thoughts and feelings.

Transitioning to new work & activities after separation from service is particularly challenging as success requires the client to develop a set of new behaviours: vocational and lifestyle, many of which come with no certainty of success or timeliness.


Activ8 Mind’s Behavioural Activation program seeks to ReSET expectations on behaviour change and habit formation, manipulating the

cue-behaviour-rewards loop to set in motion real change. Based on the research principles of leading experts and evidenced based principles of CBT including the 5 Areas Approach which enables incorporation of an individuals low mood, depression, anxiety, phobias and any unhelpful thoughts that may be preventing change or fulfilling goals.

ReSET is a tailored program drawing on psychology and counselling fundamentals to overcome mindset factors influencing mental health

ReSET is delivered face to face. In office- In home- In community

ReSET compliments your psychology therapy. We work with your treatment team to best ensure symptom improvements translate beyond the therapy room into real life

Delivered by qualified mental health and behavioural experts.

ReSET provides higher availability, support and access than traditional health care services to create momentum

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