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Hi, I'm Nada

As a new member of Activ8 Mind, I bring over two decades of expertise in early childhood, education, and care, with a specialised focus on behaviour and multiple complex disabilities. I have personal experience in assisting childeren with comorbid diagnoses which has equipped me to comprehend the intricacies that shape our clients' experiences. I have a warm and friendly demeanour and am dedicated to fostering strong relationships and achieving key outcomes for all. I employ disability-specific problem-solving strategies and behaviuor techniques to tailor support, contributing to my wealth of knowledge to the Activ8 Mind team. I look forward to collaborating with you to enhance your well-being. 


65 Unley Rd PARKSIDE 5063

1300 575 329/ 08 8292 5300

Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm

Ian has limited availability 

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Nada's Story

Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

B. Education

Dip Comm Serv

Nada has over 20 years working in early childhood, education and care, with a particular focus on behaviour and multiple complex disabilities. She has personal experience in assisting a child with comorbid diagnosis, so understand the complexities which shape our clients experiences. She has experience with Autism, ADHD, ID, trauma backgrounds, sexual abuse, anxiety, vision & hearing impaired and dementia, and is proficient with AAC communication. 

Nada believes in taking a holistic view of clients home, school, work, and day options to create a clear picture of the best possible support. With a friendly disposition, she enjoys developing solid relationships to support key outcomes for clients which are developed through disability specific problem solving strategies and behaviour techniques.

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