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Hi, I'm Gregory

I'm Gregory. As a dedicated mental health professional with over a decade of experience, I’ve had the privilege of supporting clients through their most challenging moments. My journey in mental health began in Southern California, where I specialised in dual diagnosis counselling at the region’s largest drug and alcohol treatment centre. I have recently relocated to Adelaide, embracing the opportunity to join the Activ8 Mind team and continue my passion for helping others.

In my practice, I create a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment where clients can freely process their emotions, tackle life's hurdles, and cultivate self-compassion. My therapeutic approach is deeply humanistic, centred around building a strong therapeutic alliance and offering unconditional positive regard. Outside of work, I’m an avid backpacker and AFL fan—passions that keep me connected to the beauty of nature and the excitement of sports.

I look forward to bringing my holistic, client centred care to Activ8 Mind and making a positive impact in the lives of my clients.


65 Unley Rd PARKSIDE 5063

1300 575 329/ 08 8292 5300

Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm

Ian has limited availability 

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Gregory's Story

Psychology Therapy

B. Psych

M. Psych

At Activ8 Mind, Gregory brings a wealth of knowledge and an array of therapeutic approaches that include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Family Systems, Group Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Drug & Alcohol Counseling. His therapeutic practice is grounded in evidence-based strategies designed to provide holistic care and effective treatment outcomes.

Gregory's approach is uniquely personable and deeply humanistic, emphasising the importance of the therapeutic alliance. He is committed to providing a space that promotes unconditional positive regard and client-centred care, helping clients to build coping skills, find healing, and navigate the complexities of mental health challenges.

Specialising in areas such as drug and alcohol addiction, marriage and family therapy, depression, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and grief/loss, Gregory’s broad expertise allows him to meet the diversified needs of all cultures and backgrounds with empathy and precision. 

We are excited to have Gregory at Activ8 Mind, where his extensive experience and compassionate approach are invaluable to our mission of providing comprehensive and empathetic mental health support.

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