Employee Assistance Programs

Critical Incident



In order to provide full support to your employees, critical incident debriefing is an accompanying services which provides prompt counselling and debriefing following a serious or traumatic work related event. Individuals who are exposed to such situations are at high risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder, general high stress levels and depression - all of which affect their ability to function and perform in the workplace. In order to prevent the onset of such reactions, rapid access to treatment and counselling is recommended.

A Critical Incident Debriefing Program will provide staff with:

  • 24hr x 7 days phone access to a counsellor

  • Rapid ON SITE attendance (if required) within 24 hrs

  • Counselling both group & individua;s to defuse the situation and bring the experience into context and to a conclusion

  • Debriefing counselling within 3-7 days following the incident to debrief, discuss experiences, cope with any resulting effects and address questions or concerns

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a clear demonstration of an employers commitment to the welfare of their workers. 

An EAP assists workers and their families by providing confidential, impartial, short term counselling (usually between 3-5 sesssions per person) in order to work through problems and emotional stressful experiences, encouraging resolution via a variety of therapeutic modalities and problem solving. 

An EAP offers 24 hr confidential 

counselling and support to assist individuals withh personal or work related problems which may be preventing them from being the best they can be

An EAP can:

  • Eliminate unneccessary HR costs generated through absenteeism, staff turnover, personnel conflict and performance problems

  • Improve retention rates

  • Build a profile as employer of choice

  • Improve team work efficacy

  • Reduce workers compensation claims for mental health injuries. 

Activ8 Mind & D'Accord will work with organisations to tailor a program and package to suit. Awareness materials and electronic information and will be provided to ensure that your EAP program receives the support and traction desired.

Easy access to clinical psychologists who can transfer clients with more significant needs onto the public medicare system to ensure continuity of care.

To obtain a quote or details on how an EAP package can be tailored to suit your organisations requirements ...

For an appointment through your EAP call

     (08)  8292 5300

or 1300 887 724 after hours