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Activ8 Mind brings over 25 years experience across occupational rehabilitation, assessment services, wellness programs and mindset coaching.


We pride ourselves on providing a highly thoughtful , outcome focused and client centered service approach. Most  importantly however, we are passionate about creating change and specialise in assisting veterans with mental health complexities. 



SA ~ Adelaide Metro, Hills, Victor Harbour, Yorke Peninsula

VIC ~ Melbourne Metro (regional offices on the





Behaviour Activation

Low Intensity Mental Health & Mindset support

Incorporating motivational interviewing,  acceptance & commitment therapy techniques to stablise mental health & life circumstances , adjust to functional limitations and adapt to change

Employ Activ8

Job Seeking Enhancement Program

Highly interactive and modelled on vocational education principles to improve job seeking capacity & confidence

Dedicated Canvassing Resource

Activ8 Mind have a dedicated reverse marketing resource to identify and source options promoting veteran redeployment and establish 

Fade Out-

Sleep Secrets & Education

Assistance, education and coacchcing to assist veterans overcome and regulate for improve sleep and improved eneregy

Interpreting PAIN

Inhouse psychological expertise providing education on pain and maintaining positive habits

Evidence Approach

Highly skilled consultants applying evidence based tools and techniques to inform practice. 

Inc High level Motivational Interviewing skills and  testing 


Suzanne Bell - SA

Director / Senior Consultant

(B Psych and Masters HR)

Suzi has particular experience managing complex cases including long term physical in a chronic or pain focused stage and psychological conditions.

Suzi has developed a variety of programs tailored to manage psychological claims which focus on habits, routines and acceptance & commitment therapy.

A strong understanding of mental stress and trauma rehabilitation management, vocational planning and job seeking.

Cathryn Robinson - SA

Provisional Psychologist

Cathryn has a strong psychological knowledgebase

and experience delivering training relating to stress management, motivation and creative thinking. Cathryn has experience as a career development consultant, assisting individuals in identifying career options, sourcing industry specific information, job identification, as well as resume and cover letter generation. In addition to this, her past work experience included the development and implementation of education access initiatives aimed at raising the aspirations of young adults.

Laura Matthews - Vic

Physiotherapist - Rehabilitation Consultant

Laura's previous management experience within a large Rehabilitation Service organisation provided her with greater context of customer KPI’s &  performance standards. Particular experience in pain, capacity upgrading and psychosocial activity planning. 

Yvonne Lai - ACT

Occupational Therapist

Yvonne has over 6 years experience in the health rehabilitation sector. Her past experience includes delivering assessments, rehabilitation and training services for a national provider. Yvonne developed creative activity plans which improve capcity and get people going again . 

James North - SA

B Psych Science (ASORC)

With previous experience as an occupational therapy assistant , James has developed an inctrcate understanding of the support requirements of people living with disability, in particular maximising their individual NDIS plans and achieving short & long term goals.

Following completion of a Bachelor of Psychological Science, James has now commenced post graduate studies in Applied Science:OT to further his knowledge and skills in principles of independence in living and activity and adopting a bio psycho social approach.  He has direct client experience building capacity , mental health support, coaching , transferrable skills analysis and vocational counselling.

In addition James supports the business with managing our activity program , forging relationships with new employers for work and volunteer opportunities which may be matched to our many clients looking for their next work fit.

Kate Lyall - SA & ACT

Registered Psychologist 

Kate has experience delivering holistic rehabilitation case coordination assisting a variety of individuals across a range of cohorts inc. DVA, Government agencies, workers compensation and income protection to achieve their health wellness activity and independence goals.

Kate's past work experience includes development and implementation of workforce change initiatives, targeting diversity, flexibility, work life balance, harassment, discrimination and performance management coaching.  

She has experience in delivering training to management on all psycho-cognitive workplace demands which affect performance and employee wellness and satisfaction and as such has been able to achieve outstanding outcomes in the rehabilitation sector

Rick Bamford - SA

Occupational Therapist

Rick is a highly experienced OT and rehabilitation consultant who also maintains clinical skills in upper limb and hand injuries. Rick brings strong assessment and case coordination skills to the role. Most recently he received 98% positive feedback score from a large Federal Agency for detail, clarity of recommendations and timeliness of his reports

Felicity Barras - Vic

Occupational Therapist

Felicity currently maintains her professional and assessment skills via her work with disabled clients and clinical rehabilitation. She has extensive experience in working with veteran clients

Michelle Mikic - SA

Social Worker

Michelle is experienced in Mental Health working with children, young adults, individuals, and families delivering a holistic rehabilitation approach.   

She has experience across a variety of settings including crisis intervention, structured outpatient programs, large nonprofits and private practice. Michelle has also provided clinical supervision to social workers and students. Her past work experience has included counselling clients with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.  

Michelle believes in working collaboratively with clients utilizing their strengths to achieve their goals, facilitate change and impact well-being.