A great option when the following arise

  • Teams moving desks or floors

  • New recruits starting with the business

  • Few team members with complaints of discomfort but no injuries


  • Full review of employee workstations

  • Assistance with desk and item set up and changes, postural and manual handling advice

  • 1-1.5 page checklist completed per employee with recommendations

  • Checklists provided to referrer to then distribute to employees and/or action recommendations as required.


All prices are based on the number of people reviewed at one site on the same day, which correlates with the pricing band. Where multiple site visits are required due to high volume or staff availability, then the pricing will be as per the number reviewed on that day + the other day(s) e.g:

Day 1: 4 people = $400 + gst  

Day 2: 8 people = $700 + gst    

TOTAL invoice = $1100 + gst



1 person            $250 + gst

2-5 people       $500 + gst

6-8 people       $700 + gst

9-12 people      $850 + gst

13-15 people  $1000 + gst


Our normal pricing for an ergonomic evaluation whereby an injury/health concern is flagged and full report is required is as per the portal listing:

ACT & Vic  $320 + gst  

SA              $300 + gst 

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