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Activ8 Mind provides specialist expertise in assisting the long term and chronic claimants we understand the consequences of long term incapacity can include: 

  • Permanent impairment

  • Secondary injuries

  • Secondary gains and unintended lifestyle impacts

  • Decline in self confidence, self esteem and self-awareness

  • Social withdrawal.

  • Become isolated and depressed

  • Family disruptions

  • Increased likelihood of suicide

Our highly experienced consultants use a variety of evidence based tools to accurately assess the main impacting factors and behaviours limiting wellness and vocational participation.

Activ8 Mind consultants take the approach of reviewing habits and behaviours as a start to creating micro-changes that will lead to big benefits; working with clients to review the thoughts-feelings-beliefs paradigm, coaching to recognise the need and potential for change, establishing goals and educating on motivation and how to overcome feeling stuck and ultimately leveraging the cue –behaviour -rewards loop.


Services are tailored to address

  • Feelings of anxiety regarding change

  • Chronic disengagement

  • Limited vocational or activities focus

  • High pain and poor physical habituation

ensuring maximal wellness and independence and improving self-care and self-management.

Goals can be as simple as improving sleep hygiene to optimise routine, health, energy and reduced reliance on medications to establishing social and work networks and coaching to harness entrepreneurial ideas.

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